Would you like more action?

Then you must try out a private marksman’s fair or a game of nine pin bowling with Pengelanton Children can play to their heart’s content in our own play area. There is something for everybody here

Bird shooting - half timbered hut.
Who will shoot the bird? On request we can organise a hearty marksman’s fair at our bird shooting range with the half timbered hut.

Pengelanton tour.
We can plan trips by horse and cart with a duration of approximately two hours through nature in the Münsterland District.

For your entertainment there are 2 fully automatic federal bowling alleys at your disposal. Our bowling alleys were renovated in 2010.

Children’s play area.
Our children’s play area invites the little ones to play and is open all year round. Of course, the play area is completely updated to meet the demands of educational and safety standards so that your children are able to enjoy carefree fun.

Do you love cycle tours? Your passion for this sport can be lived under ideal conditions in the vicinity. You are only five minutes from cycle path R27 or directly on the “route of a hundred palaces”. Alternatively you can use modern navigational aids on the arrow shaped signs with direction, distance and route indications. Our guests may also be provided with GPS appliances for some tours worked out by us. Good Holland bicycles with gear change are available for hire at €6.00 per day per person or E-bikes at €18.00 per day. A GPS appliance can be lent out at a fee.

Rambling / Walking
The even landscape in wide parts of the Münsterland District is an invitation for pleasant walks. For short or mid range trails we offer you prepared routes through the appealing landscape in Legden and Asbeck.

There are many tarmac paths in the immediate vicinity. The dense network of narrow seldom used paths through the landscape is ideal for skating tours.


The Münsterland District is an unspoilt area full of secrets with a unique flair in magnificent surroundings. Many areas are formed by intensive agricultural use yet unspoiled and nursed. Green meadows, pastures, fields with roads, trees and hedges in between are often accompanied by small streams resulting in a unique type of landscape. Red brick houses, old farmyards and cosy provincial towns shape the Münsterland District. For centuries, moated castles, imposing fortresses and romantic windmills lie hidden in small woodland which can be discovered on foot or by bicycle.

Historic town centre

Verein Blumenkorso Legden e.V. Or Legden Flower Parade Association has traditionally held the Children’s Dahlia Flower parade every three years since 1926. The next flower parade takes place on 20th September 2020. The Dahlia garden originated in 2015 in the town centre next to the church.

Half timbered houses, grafts, clog machines and former nunnery (Dormitorium)

Schloss Varlar, Schloss Darfeld, Generationen Park

Coach and bell museum

Gasthausbrauerei, Kloster Gerleve, Konzert Theater, Gollf course, glass museum, windmills

Zwillbrocker Venn, Biologiische Station, Hamaland Museum

Water castle golf course

Fish and antiques markets (Enschede Tuesdays and Saturdays, Winterswijk Wednesdays and Saturdays)

Old town, all weather zoo, planetarium, Principal Market

Movie Park Germany, Apincenter Bottrop, Centro Oberhausen

Halterner Stausee, (Haltern reservoir), Kettleler Hof

Half timbered houses, grafts, clog machines and former nunnery (Dormitorium)

Schloss Varlar, Schloss Darfeld, Generationen Park


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