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Opening Times

We are open daily and continuously for you without any days off.
Our kitchen is continuously open and at your service every day.

  • Lunch 11:45am to 2pm (last orders at 2pm)
  • Snack menu: 2pm to 5:30pm (last orders at 5:30pm)
  • Evening menu 5:30pm to 9pm (last orders at 9pm hrs) Until 8:30pm on Sundays
  • Booked half board menu: 6:30pm to 8pm (last orders at 8pm)

The hotel reception is manned from 7am until 10:30pm. .

Arrival: until 10pm -
departure until 11am


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Münsterland sophistication

A succulant steak, crispy roast potatoes, large roast and stews, light meat dishes, fresh vegetables and salads as well as desserts - these are the culinary delights which no far travelled guests in our restaurant wish to miss out on.

Whether you are in the beech wood or ash wood or alder wood room of our restaurant you will find ample space for good dining, fine celebrations and friendly times. The longing for real taste and a comfortable time is allayed here. With us you will taste the good ingredients of the Münsterland cuisine as well as the light sophisticated culinary art. We love the interacting components in fine harmony with fresh herbs and spices. Mmmm… Enjoy the taste of real home cooking. Welcome to culinary pleasure

Speciality weeks offer variety on the menu, for example, fresh strawberries and asparagus. Blueberry pancakes, mushroom and venison dishes taste their best according to the respective season. They are then fresh and emit a delicious aroma. Add a good wine or freshly tapped beer and you will find yourself in heaven on earth.

Schlemmer Atlas 2010 - Empfohlenes Restaurant

Saison-Angebote "Skandinavische Spezialitäten"

Unser Saisonangebot vom 19.02.2018 bis Anfang April 2018

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Unser Menüfrühling

Exklusives Menü inkl. begleitender Getränke vom 25.01.2018 bis 25.03.2018

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Take a look at our menu and you will find there is something there for everyone. At midday, afternoons, on Sundays and public holidays we offer meals at reduced prices.

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Unser aktuelle Tagesgerichte / aktueller Wochenplan! Täglich Mittagstisch in der Zeit von 11.45 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr. Selbstverständlich können Sie auch aus unserer Speisekarte (siehe oben) wählen.

Montag, 19.02.2018
Schweinebraten in eigener Soße, mit Erbsen und Möhren, Salzkartoffeln
6,50 €


Dienstag, 20.02.2018
Bratwurst mit Soße, dazu Rotkohl und Salzkartoffeln
6,50 €

Mittwoch, 21.02.2018
Hähnchenschnitzel "Cordon bleu" mit Soße Hollandaise, Rösti, gemischter Salatteller
6,50 €

Donnerstag, 22.02.2018
Hirschgulasch mit Wildpreiselbeeren, dazu Butterspätzle, Blattsalat mit Sahnedressing
6,50 €

Freitag, 23.02.2018
Frisches Fischfilet vom Markt – Fragen Sie nach unserem Angebot!
7,00 €


Montag bis Freitag

Schweineschnitzel nach Zigeunerart - mit pikanter Soße, Pommes frites, gemischter Salatteller
6,50 €

Vegetarisches Wochengericht

Montag bis Freitag

Gemüseteller mit verschiedenen warmen Gemüsen, Soße Hollandaise, Butterkartoffeln
6,50 €


Montag bis Freitag


1,00 €


Diese Preise gelten werktags in der Zeit von 11.45 Uhr bis 14.00 Uhr. Selbstverständlich alle Gerichte auch zum Mitnehmen!
Wir berechnen für jede Umbestellung bei unseren Tages- und Wochengerichten 0,50 € Aufpreis!

Breakfast buffet

We offer a rich breakfast buffet to our guests daily, but are also pleased to receive visitors from within the vicinity Freshly baked bread loaves, various bread rolls, cooked meats, cheese, jam/marmalade, Nutella, honey, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, tomatoes, gherkins, a selection of smoked fish, Müsli, Cornflakes, Fruit yoghurt, natural yoghurt, fresh fruit, fruit salad, various juices, milk, coffee from the Legden roasting plant and tea specialities from the tea house Ronnefeld.

The price amounts to €10.00

HINT: Enjoy our rich breakfast buffet with beef soup Münsterland District wedding soup and a dessert (small brunch) (Wedding soup known as Hochzeitssuppe is a clear soup with small meat dumplings and vegetables). Price per person €16.00

Treff 1884

Treff 1884 is our hotel bar. It is classy and modern with dark wenge wood and matted glass. The rear buffet is illuminated in an atmospheric manner. Before or after dinner selected wines, well nursed beers, a good Cognac or Münsterland District Lagerkorn ( wheat gin) and of course alcohol free refreshments are served. Architecturally maintained in winter garden style, the bar can be turned into an open air meeting place. Treff 1884 is a “Sky Sportsbar” which means that main events from the world of sport can be seen live and followed in sociable company.


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